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Lake Forest, CA – The Planning Commission scheduled to discuss and review a proposal to allow up to four marijuana testing laboratories in the City on Thursday, August 8.

The proposal includes an approval process and regulations for operations. Laboratories would also be limited to the City’s industrial area. After the review, the City Council would then cast their votes whether the proposed ordinance will be approved or not.

Jonathan Volzke, the spokesperson of Lake Forest, said a business owner who’s interested in testing cannabis approached the City Hall and suggested the idea. The approach led the City’s staffers to draft a proposal. Staff members also want to know what the Planning Commission and the City Council think about having such labs in Lake Forest. And according to Volzke, “It’s just staff being responsive to the business community.”

As for the council members, Councilman Dwight Robinson said that he would check the specific ordinance. However, he won’t likely support the proposed ordinance as he believes that cannabis remains illegal under federal law.

“In general, I haven’t been supportive of anything cannabis-related as long as it’s on a federal banned list,” he said. “I haven’t been supportive of doing anything that may preempt the federal law in any way.”

Councilwoman Leah Basile said that she’s undecided and is waiting for the community feedback.

In Orange County, four cities (Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and La Habra) have already allowed cannabis-related business activities. Santa Ana, CA permits dispensaries while the other cities allow testing labs and distribution warehouses.

If the City Council of Lake Forest approves the proposed ordinance, Lake Forest would be considered the fifth City in Orange County to allow other cannabis activities. Marijuana testing labs will be permitted aside from personal cultivation and recreational use.

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