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Neighborhoods in Lake Forest

The city of Lake Forest, previously known as El Toro, is one of the upscale cities in Orange County. An incorporated city well known for housing a few of the industry giants such as Oakley, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, and Karem Aircraft. Not only that the city houses industry giants, but Lake Forest neighborhoods are one of the most upscale in Orange County.

Currently, there are 47 neighborhoods in Lake Forest, CA. Feel like moving here? Here’s a list of Lake Forest neighborhoods for you to refer if ever you want to move in here.

Each of the neighborhoods has a unique characteristic, and we’ll also list them down for you.

About Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a large medium sized city situated in the state of California. Currently, it has a population of 83,240 people and 15 constituent neighborhoods. The city of Lake Forest is one of the largest community in California, placing in the 99th spot.

When it comes to housing costs, Lake Forest is among some of the highest in the US. Although, real estate prices in Lake Forest here can’t compare to the real estate prices in the most upscale communities in California.

Lake Forest is a decidedly white-collar city, well above the national average of about 88% employed in white-collar jobs. Most of the residents in Lake Forest are sales and office workers, and managers. There are about 15% of the residents who have sales jobs, about 13% with management occupations, and roughly around 12% who are in office and administrative support. Another interesting thing in Lake Forest is that most people who live here work in computer or maths than 95% of the places in the country.

When it comes to education, the citizens of Lake Forest are among the most well-educated in the US. About 44% of the adult population in Lake Forest has a bachelor’s degree or even an advanced degree. In Unlike in comparison to the US that only has about 22% of the people holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

Lake Forest’s per capita income in 2010 approximately reached $39,000, which is considered an upper middle-income in California. The per capita income relates to an annual income of about $155,000 for a family of four. However, according to economists, there’s still a good balance between the rich and the poor.

Lake Forest is also an ethnically-diverse city. The residents of the city belong to a rich variety of racial and ethnic groups. The dominant race came from the White, followed by Asian. There’s also a sizeable Hispanic population which accounts for about 25% of the city’s residents. Other ancestries include Irish, English, Italian, and French.

So that was a hefty list of Lake Forest neighborhoods. So the next time you’re looking for a house, try the ones from Lake Forest. Try and contact a real estate agent near you.