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Parking in Lake Forest

Parking in Lake Forest

Lake Forest makes it easier for parking by abiding by some parking rules for the convenience of everyone. They have parking programs to make Lake Forest a disciplined city with responsible vehicle owners and drivers. Here’s the parking information you should know about Lake Forest.

Residential Parking

Residential parking in Lake Forest is carefully guided by a parking manual, ‘Residential Parking Management Manual.’ To park your vehicles in your residential area, you must secure a residential permit where there are several criteria your area should meet. Here are the following criteria to acquire a residential parking permit:

*A multi-family development with overflowing vehicles needs to occupy 75% of the front on any residential street during any 6-hour (consecutive) period.

*The field reviews must show that there are more than 30 single-family detached homes or 1,000 feet of residential street in the front part could be affected.

The City only evaluates a residential area for the Residential Parking Permit Program once in 24 months. The evaluation follows a matrix determined considering the different parking scenarios. If your residential area fails to meet the criteria during that evaluation, there may be other parking options cited in the parking manual.

You may get a copy of the parking manual here.

Permanent Parking Permit

Permanent parking permit in Lake Forest in available parking areas are given to vehicle owners with vehicles registered with a Lake Forest address. You may get the permit through email, or you can personally visit the Public Works Counter at the City Hall. Bring a current copy of DMV vehicle registration as it’s required before the issuance of the permanent parking permit.

Temporary Parking Permit

For Lake Forest visitors you may also get a temporary parking permit.

Oversized Vehicle Parking

There’s an overnight parking van for oversized vehicles in Lake Forest. This ban is to maintain neighborhood aesthetics as it may disturb other residents. Oversized vehicles include cars with attached trailers in residential areas. However, they allow oversized recreation vehicles to load and unload at designated areas.

Unattended parking of 18-wheeler vehicles is not allowed anywhere in the city. 18-wheeler vehicles include truck and trailer combinations, tractor-trailers, tanker vehicles, flatbed, livestock carriers, and tractor-trailer buses.

Violating the oversized vehicles parking law or ‘City’s Overnight Parking Ordinance’ subjects anyone to a $46 fine.

Street Sweeping Day

Lake Forest’s Street Sweeping Day happens a day after trash collection. The streets are thoroughly swept to observe cleanliness within the city. This program helps maintain the neighborhood and commercial areas as well as preventing pollutants and grime from accumulating the local creeks, ocean, and lakes.

The street-sweeping day includes sweeping through parking areas. So vehicles on this day are requested to be moved. There are street sweeping schedule signs so you’ll know when you should move your car, or you’ll see a ‘No Parking’ sign. Tickets are issued for people who leave their vehicles on the street on this day, or towing may also happen.

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